At the beginning of college life in 2018, Julie and Sarah, twin sisters decided to take the leap and founded Øctober99. What just started as a wild idea became reality. 

Julie en Sarah Øctober99.jpg
Julie en Sarah Øctober99.jpg

Julie & Sarah

Julie (right) mainly focuses on creating the new clay collection and collecting new jewellery pieces for the selected by Øctober99 collection.

While Sarah (left) manages social media, the website and back-office. 


Julie and Sarah grew up loving and admiring jewellery and wanted to create a webshop where they provide you with the best handpicked jewellery. 


Clay Collection

Øctober99 released its first handmade clay earring collection in 2019. These earrings are handcrafted by Julie like the older day, but designed for the golden days.  

All our clay earrings are named after women who inspire us every day such as Michelle Obama, Mackenzie Bezos, Jacinda Ardern, Dorianne Aussems,... 


Our mission is to let women feel empowered while wearing our jewellery! We believe that modern women should have the opportunity to surround herself with handmade and everyday jewellery.